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Pet Examinations

A pet wellness exam is an integral part of pet care, providing numerous benefits for your pet's health and well-being. Regular physical exams, usually conducted every six months to once per year, can uncover new health issues before they become serious and allow a revisit of any old problems. This includes assessing your pet's weight, body condition score, and keeping track of past, present, and future medications.


Such exams are crucial in detecting age-related changes, such as arthritis and dental disease, and for understanding important life-stage alterations like dietary needs and suitable activity levels.


Wellness exams also provide essential insights about your pet's diet and exercise habits, enabling your vet to advise if your pet’s weight poses a health risk. These exams can reveal signs of illness or discomfort that your pet may be concealing daily. If any abnormalities are discovered during these exams, your vet may recommend additional tests or procedures to further investigate or treat the underlying condition.

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